class bach.SeriesString

(engine, base_node, index, name, expression, group_by, instance_dtype, order_by=None, **kwargs)


A Series that represents the string type and its specific operations


Strings can be concatenated using the ‘+’ operator, and the ‘str’ accessor can be used to get access to slices.


c = a + b  # concat the strings.
a.str[3] # get one char
a.str[3:5] # get a slice from char 3-5

Database support and types

  • Postgres: utilizes the ‘text’ database type.
  • Athena: utilizes the ‘varchar’ database type.
  • BigQuery: utilizes the ‘STRING’ database type.


SeriesString.get_dummies([prefix, ...])Convert each unique category/value from the series into a dummy/indicator variable.
SeriesString.strGet access to string operations.
SeriesString.to_json_array([partition])Aggregate function: Group the values of this Series into a json array