Open model hub

The open model hub is a toolkit with functions and models that can run directly on a full dataset collected with Objectiv’s Tracker SDKs. All models are open-source, free to use, and can easily be combined to build advanced compound models.

How to use the open model hub

The following types of functions/models are provided:

  1. Helper functions: Simplify manipulating and analyzing the data.
  2. Aggregation models: Enable running some of the more common data analyses and product analytics metrics.
  3. Machine learning models: ML models such as logistic regression.
  4. Funnels: To analyze Funnels, e.g. discover all the (top) user journeys that lead to conversion or drop-off.

Modeling behavior of users and groups is enabled through configurable Identity Resolution.

See how to get started in your notebook and the example notebooks, and install the model hub package directly from PyPI:

pip install objectiv-modelhub

Powered by Bach

The open model hub is powered by Bach: Objectiv’s data modeling library. With Bach, you can compose models with familiar Pandas-like dataframe operations that use an SQL abstraction layer to run on the full dataset. Models can be output to SQL with one command.