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Tracking with Objectiv

Objectiv comes with a set of tools that help you set up error-free user behavior tracking instrumentation:

  • A Tracker for several web & mobile platforms and frameworks;
  • A live debugger that provides instrumentation feedback in your IDE or console; and
  • A Collector to receive, validate & store events.
Objectiv Pipeline

Instrumentation involves mapping your application to the open taxonomy for analytics to ensure the collected data is clean, well-structured and ready for modeling. Learn more.

How-to Guides

A number of web & mobile platforms and frameworks are currently supported, such as JS, React, React Native, and Angular - with more support coming. To immediately jump into instrumenting your application, follow the step-by-step How-to Guides.

Core Concepts

For more details on how our tracker works and the rationale behind it, read about the underlying core concepts.

API Reference

To implement low-level functionality and configuration of the Trackers, all core APIs are open and documented. Check out the API Reference