The open analytics taxonomy

The open analytics taxonomy is a generic classifification of common event types and the contexts in which they can happen. It is a proposal for a common way to collect & structure analytics data in an effort to enable models to be universally shared and reused between projects, teams and companies.

Objectiv Pipeline

Each Event and Context type has its own properties, requirements and relations. These definitions are used to validate the collected data and to debug the tracking instrumentation. This ensures the resulting data set is ready for modeling without cleaning or transformations.

The open analytics taxonomy is based on the compounded knowledge of over 50 data teams and has been designed and tested to cover a wide range of product analytics use cases. We're currently working on expanding it to cover online marketing use cases as well, and plan to expand further into other areas (payments, catalogs, CRM, etc.)

It can be extended to cover more specific use cases as well.

Taxonomy Reference

All Contexts and Events are open and documented. Check out the Reference.

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