The open analytics taxonomy

The open analytics taxonomy is a generic classification of common event types and the contexts in which they can happen. It's designed to provide a universal structure for analytics data, so models built on one data set can be deployed and run on another.

Data and analytics uses cases from 50+ companies were used to define the taxonomy, and we would like the whole data space to collaborate on it. Areas like payments, catalogs, and CRM are on the roadmap, and it's extendable to cover custom use cases as well.

Objectiv Pipeline

Each Event and Context type has its own properties, and requirements. They're used to validate & debug the collected data, so the resulting data set is ready for modeling without cleaning or transformations. See the video below for how this works.

Taxonomy Reference

All Contexts and Events are open and documented. Check out the Reference.

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Objectiv and the open analytics taxonomy are open-source and we're building them in public. Have opinions on where we should take this next? Join us on Slack.