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The open analytics taxonomy

The open analytics taxonomy is Objectiv's proposal for a common way to collect, structure, and validate analytics data. Adoption of the open analytics taxonomy enables data & models to be reused and allows data scientists to build on knowledge and practises of others.

Each common event type and the contexts in which they can happen are defined in a class, which describes their properties, requirements and relationships with other classes.

Objectiv's Tracker, Collector and Bach (our modeling library) are built around the open taxonomy and support it out of the box.

Objectiv Pipeline


To help ensure that the open analytics taxonomy will meet its goals, we’ve created a set of principles to guide our development decisions.

Read up on the Principles

Core Concepts

To understand in more detail how the taxonomy works, read about the underlying core concepts.

Read up on the Core Concepts

Taxonomy Reference

Find out everything about the taxonomy: all Contexts and Events are open and documented.

Check out the Reference

join the discussion

Objectiv and the open analytics taxonomy are open-source and we're building them in public. Have opinions on where we should take this next? Join us on Slack