Example notebooks

This section contains several example notebooks to demonstrate how you can use Objectiv to quickly build & run product analytics models and make the output actionable for the wider team.

Open Model Hub

The notebooks all use the open model hub: a toolkit that contains pre-built product analytics models and functions that can be applied on data collected with Objectiv’s Tracker. The open model hub is powered by Bach, our Python-based modeling library with a pandas-like interface, that translates all operations to SQL under the hood.

Check out the example notebooks

Try the notebooks with demo data

If you want to play around with the notebooks yourself, get Objectiv Up - a pre-packaged, dockerized version of Objectiv that you can run locally or host yourself in under 5 minutes. It comes with everything you need to test-drive Objectiv, and can be used in production by simply replacing the demo app with your own app.