class bach.SeriesList

(engine, base_node, index, name, expression, group_by, instance_dtype, order_by=None, **kwargs)


A Series that represents a list/array-like type and its specific operations. On BigQuery this is backed by the ARRAY data type. On other databases this type is not yet supported.

instance_dtype: An instance of this class expects an instance_dtype that’s a list with a single item in it, the item itself being an instance dtype. All values represented by such a Series must have the dtype of the item in the list.

Example - instance_dtype for a list consisting of floats. BigQuery db_dtype: 'ARRAY[FLOAT64]' instance_dtype: ['float64']

Database support and types

  • Postgres: not supported. Use SeriesJson for similar functionality.
  • BigQuery: utilizes the ‘ARRAY’ database type.