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Ivar Pruijn

Our mission from day one has been to enable data teams to share and reuse data models & analyses across any data store - to build on the collective knowledge of others.

Today we're taking another step in that mission, by adding support for building & running data models directly on Amazon Athena with Objectiv.

Ivar Pruijn

One of the key ways to improve performance on your product goals is to understand where users drop off and how often they do, so you can optimize user journeys for better conversion.

In this release we enable you to use the open model hub to quickly find which locations/features drive users to drop off on any of your product goals, and how (relatively) often this happens. You can do this for your entire product, or just a subset.

Ivar Pruijn

In this release we enable adding Objectiv tracking to your existing React Components library, making it possible to instrument all your Components just once, and reuse them anywhere in your application with full analytics tracking support.

Any JSX element or custom Element/Component can now be tracked, while automatically capturing all relevant context, plus information about where an event exactly happened in the UI. You also also get the same autocompletion, typing, and validation tools as for Objectiv Components.