Release: Objectiv Cloud - Fully managed product analytics with full control over models and data

Ivar Pruijn

In this release, we're announcing a fully managed version of Objectiv's powerful open-source analytics platform that connects to your own cloud data store. You can now run Objectiv at scale without worrying about the Ops part, while remaining in full control over your models and data.

Meet Objectiv Cloud

Objectiv Cloud is a fully managed Objectiv back-end that connects to your own cloud data store of choice. This means you'll remain in full control over your models & data, while Objectiv takes care of the infrastructure to collect, validate, process and store the data where you want it.


Objectiv's back-end runs on a Snowplow pipeline and is built for scale and speed. It is able to collect & validate events in complex, high traffic applications without hiccups.

Run pre-built models and dashboards directly on your own data warehouse

By instrumenting Objectiv's tracker in your app, you're ensuring the dataset you collect is compatible with any model that's built with Objectiv's modeling library. This includes all models from the open model hub - a large collection of pre-built models and functions that you can use to build in-depth analyses in minutes.


These models run SQL under the hood, which means you can run them directly on your own data store without refactoring. All models can be converted to an SQL query with a single command, which you can use to feed BI tools, pipelines or anything else.


A pricing model that favors data depth

We are no fans of event-based pricing as it limits the availability of great data for teams. Instead, the pricing of Objectiv Cloud is anchored to users. We count a user if it is someone who had meaningful interactions in your app. (e.g. direct bounces are excluded). The definition of ‘meaningful’ will be determined in cooperation with your data team.

Get in touch for pricing details.

Get direct support from the team that built Objectiv

Through a dedicated Slack channel, you'll have direct access to first-hand support by the people that built Objectiv: Top tech leads in their field that have a shared history of solving hard analytics problems since 2009.


We’re here to make sure you get the most out of Objectiv. That includes helping you to:

  • Get your tracking instrumentation up and running
  • Connect your DWH to get error-free data flowing in
  • Build & run models, and enabling you to use them in production

Supported data stores

Objectiv Cloud currently has full support for BigQuery data stores. Amazon Athena and Databricks are coming soon, and more will follow.

Try Objectiv Cloud for free

Get in touch if you want to try out Objectiv Cloud. We'll set you up and provide instructions on how to connect apps and data stores.


Office Hours

If you have any questions about this release or anything else, or if you just want to say 'Hi!' to team Objectiv, we have Office Hours every Thursday at 4pm CET, 10am EST that you can freely dial in to. If you're in a timezone that doesn’t fit well, just ping us on Slack and we'll send over an invite for a better moment.

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