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Powerful product analytics for data teams

Objectiv is an open-source data collection & modeling platform that enables data teams
to run product analytics from their notebooks with full control over data and models.

Objectiv product screenshotsObjectiv product screenshots

Build BI dashboards for
your teams in minutes

Take pre-built analytics models (or build your own) and turn them into production-ready SQL with one command.

Explore and model
with zero grunt work

Work directly on super-structured raw data that's designed for modeling. No cleaning or transformations required.

Set up error-free tracking
with validation tools

No more surprises downstream. Get helpful tooling to test, validate and debug your tracking setup at multiple stages.

Join the frontrunners in our growing product analytics modeling community

Our communityOur community

How does Objectiv work?

Workings: instrument

instrument Objectiv's tracker into your app/site
with the help of a very supportive tracking SDK

Workings: instrument

collect super-structured user behavior data
and send it directly into your data store of choice

Workings: instrument

analyze the data from your notebook with
pre-built models, or build your own

Workings: instrument

output your model to SQL with one command and
use it in BI tools, products, dbt, pipelines, etc...

Hit the ground running

Check out some of the awesome pre-built models from the open model hub.

Models in the open model hubModels in the open model hub

Blends right into your stack

Objectiv runs in your favourite notebook and integrates with Snowplow.

Runs in your favourite notebook.
Integrates with Snowplow.

Any SQL-based BI tool

e.g. Metabase, Looker, SiSense


Any Python-based notebook

e.g. Jupyter, Hex, Deepnote, Colab


Any SQL-based platform/pipeline

e.g. dbt, Airflow, Dagster, Prefect, Transform


Any SQL data store

e.g. BigQuery, Athena, RedShift, Snowflake, Databricks, ClickHouse