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Product Analytics Pipeline

The day will come when you'll want
more from your product analytics data
than your BI tools can deliver.

With Objectiv, you'll be ready.

Open-source product analytics that's ready for data science

Objectiv is a complete, self-hosted product analytics stack designed for
effective data modeling and exploration with minimal gruntwork.

The Objectiv stackThe Objectiv stackThe Objectiv stack

It includes everything you need to answer common product analytics questions now, while
providing a solid foundation for in-depth analysis & machine learning down the road.

Objectiv on GitHubObjectiv on GitHubWhy Objectiv?

Better data at the first step of the pipeline

Events tracked with Objectiv are unusually rich, highly descriptive, and structured with effective modeling in mind.

Objectiv's tracker validates all collected events against an open analytics taxonomy at the first step of the pipeline.

The resulting dataset is error free, highly consistent, and ready for data science without additional gruntwork or transformation.

Squeaky clean model-ready data through early validation!
Objectiv Event example

Pandas-like modeling on the full dataset

Objectiv Bach is a modeling library that combines the power of Pandas with the
scalability of SQL and includes pre-built models that you can chain together.

These operations all run on the full dataset! Neat!These operations all run on the full dataset! Neat!These operations all run on the full dataset! Neat!
Experiment and iterate
Experiment & iterate freely
On command, Objectiv converts your complete model chain to SQL and runs it on the full dataset, so feel free to try out new things at any stage.
Pandas logo
Familiar Pandas-like modeling
Bach supports many common Pandas operations, combined with operations that are specific to datasets collected with the Objectiv tracker.

Chain reusable models together


You can reuse any model that was built with Objectiv Bach for your own project by changing a single line of code.

This is enabled by the highly consistent nature of the datasets Objectiv's tracker collects.

Objectiv includes pre-built models for a wide range of product analytics use cases. You can chain them together to answer common product analytics questions quickly.

You're free to customize them (or build your own) for specific in-depth analyses.

Take and chain pre-built models off the shelf!
Metabase logo
Output to BI with a single command
Happy with the results? Share your insights with your team by outputting your data to supported BI tools with a single command.
Pandas compatible, ML ready
Bach is Pandas compatible: Take your data to the next level by tapping into the rich machine learning ecosystem Pandas is well-known for.

For an overview of all available pre-built models, check out the Docs.

Docs - Open Model HubDocs - Open Model Hub

Try the complete Objectiv stack on your local machine

It comes with everything you need, including a copy of our website as a demo app,
a notebook with working models and a Metabase environment to output data to.


Follow the Quickstart Guide to locally run the full Objectiv pipeline dockerized.

Objectiv Quickstart GuideObjectiv Quickstart GuideTakes less than 5 minutes

Objectiv is open source and we're building it in public.

Have opinions on where we should take this or want to stay in the loop?

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