Release: Objectiv Up - Self-host powerful product analytics for data teams in under 5 minutes. 100% free & open-source.

Ivar Pruijn

In this release, we’re enabling you to self-host Objectiv's open-source analytics platform in under five minutes - 100% free & open-source, preconfigured with pre-built models, dashboards, and demo data.

Meet Objectiv Up

Objectiv Up is a pre-packaged, dockerized version of Objectiv. It comes with everything you need to run powerful product analytics from your notebook with full control over data and models.

Objectiv Up includes:

  • A collector backend to collect, validate and process all events.
  • A postgres data store to store all collected events.
  • Pre-built notebooks for common product & marketing analyses.
  • Pre-built dashboards to share insights with your team.
  • A demo app with demo data to try Objectiv directly.

All the necessary infrastructure comes pre-configured and is ready to go.

Jump right in with pre-built notebooks & dashboards

Objectiv Up includes pre-built notebooks and dashboards for common product & marketing use cases, so you can get to work directly. Everything is fully open source, so you’re free to customize them to make them your own.

Pre-built dashboards for common product & marketing use cases are included...

Pre-built dashboards for common product & marketing use cases are included...

… that are fully controllable from your notebooks

… that are fully controllable from your notebooks

Objectiv Up comes with a demo app that’s instrumented with Objectiv’s tracker, and the Postgres data store contains anonymized demo data. This enables you to test drive Objectiv’s notebooks and dashboards before instrumenting your own app.

Ready for production when you are

Once you’re ready, instrument your app with the Objectiv tracker and swap out the demo app with your own.

As a result of high data consistency, you can reuse the notebooks and dashboards on your own data. They have been battle-tested and are ready to be used in production.

Scale up without migration

When you need more scale, you can upgrade seamlessly from the single package to a version with a scalable (Snowplow) pipeline on any data store that you own. The same models & dashboards will run without the need for any migration.

How to get it

Getting Objectiv Up is easy and should take you no longer than five minutes. Follow the steps in our Docs and you’re good to go.

Want to run Objectiv as a fully managed cloud setup?

Check out Objectiv Cloud. It enables you to run Objectiv's open-source analytics platform at massive scale without worrying about the Ops part.

In conclusion

With Objectiv Up, you now have a super easy way to self-host Objectiv's powerful open-source analytics platform. It’s completely free and comes with everything you need to run product & marketing analytics from your notebook, with full control over data and models. Get Objectiv Up here, and join us on Slack if you have any questions or suggestions.


Office Hours

If you have any questions about this release or anything else, or if you just want to say 'Hi!' to team Objectiv, we have Office Hours every Thursday at 4pm CET, 10am EST that you can freely dial in to. If you're in a timezone that doesn’t fit well, just ping us on Slack and we'll send over an invite for a better moment.

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