Browser SDK

The Browser SDK is designed to work without a specific UI Kit, or framework, with a preference for a ES6/TypeScript applications. This is not a strict requirements though. At the core it's just JavaScript and all it needs is a browser.

Location Taggers can be used to enrich DOM elements with Tagging Attributes.
These are later used to reconstruct the Location of where an Event originated by traversing the DOM.

Most events are triggered automatically, although all the automation is configurable. For special cases Event Trackers are provided for manually triggering any of the Events.

Browser Tracker can traverse and tag the DOM for you, making it ideal for instrumenting static or pre-generated content.

How-to Guides

To immediately jump into instrumenting your application, follow the step-by-step How-to Guides:

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Core Concepts

For more details on how our tracker works and the rationale behind it, read about the underlying concepts: