Maintaining a healthy tracking instrumentation can be challenging. Application changes may break existing instrumentation, introduce data ambiguity or both. As a result, your data team needs to update their models, or find out where & when they broke unexpectedly.

The Objectiv SDKs come with functionality to enable end-to-end testing of your tracking instrumentation, in order to catch any instrumentation changes early, before data is even collected.

Developer Tools

The developer-tools package, bundled with all Objectiv SDKs, can be imported to access a number of debugging utilities both in the browser and your tests.

Event Recorder

Whenever Developer Tools are imported, all Tracker instances automatically begin recording events and errors in a global interface: the EventRecorder.

Recorded Events

Recordings can be refined with the RecordedEvents interface, to make snapshots as precise and easy to maintain as possible.

Automated testing

The next logical step is to verify Recorded Events automatically to ensure our instrumentation is in good shape. CI frameworks allow us to evaluate recordings with e.g. snapshot-testing and automated actions.

See this video where we show how to enable end-to-end testing with the Objectiv SDKs, with examples: