A GlobalContext containing the value of a single input element. Multiple InputValueContexts may be present in Global Contexts at the same time.

graph LR AbstractContext["AbstractContext<br><span class='properties'>id: string<br />_type: string</span>"] --> AbstractGlobalContext; AbstractGlobalContext --> InputValueContext["InputValueContext<br><span class='properties'>value: string</span>"]; class InputValueContext diagramActive; click AbstractGlobalContext "/docs/taxonomy/global-contexts" "See details" _self

Diagram: InputValueContext inheritance


idstringUnique string to be combined with the Context Type (_type) for Context instance uniqueness.
_typestringString literal used during serialization. Should always match the Context interface name.
valuestringThe value of the input element.
setting of properties

The tracker will automatically set all properties when using Tracked Components or Taggers. On manual creation id and value must be provided.