A GlobalContext describing meta information about the agent that sent the event.

graph LR AbstractContext["AbstractContext<br><span class='properties'>id: string<br />_type: string</span>"] --> AbstractGlobalContext; AbstractGlobalContext --> HttpContext["HttpContext<br><span class='properties'>referrer: string<br>user_agent: string<br>remote_address?: string</span>"]; class HttpContext diagramActive; click AbstractGlobalContext "/docs/taxonomy/global-contexts" "See details" _self

Diagram: HttpContext inheritance


idstringUnique string to be combined with the Context Type (_type) for Context instance uniqueness.
_typestringString literal used during serialization. Should always match the Context interface name.
referrerstringThe URL that the browser sets in the referrer header, in the request that loaded the current page.
user_agentstringUser-agent of the agent that sent the event.
remote_addressstring(public) IP address of the agent that sent the event.
setting of properties

The tracker will automatically set the referrer and user_agent properties, while the collector will automatically set the remote_address.