The parent of non-interactive events that are triggered by a media player. It requires a MediaPlayerContext to detail the origin of the event.

graph LR AbstractEvent["AbstractEvent<span class='requires_context_and_properties'><span class='requires_context'>requires:<br />ApplicationContext<br /></span><span class='properties'>location_stack: LocationStack<br />global_contexts: GlobalContexts<br />id: uuid<br />time: integer<br /></span></span>"] --> NonInteractiveEvent; NonInteractiveEvent --> MediaEvent["MediaEvent<span class='requires_context'>requires:<br />MediaPlayerContext<br /></span><span class='properties'></span>"]; MediaEvent --> MediaLoadEvent; MediaEvent --> MediaPauseEvent; MediaEvent --> MediaStartEvent; MediaEvent --> MediaStopEvent; class MediaEvent diagramActive click AbstractEvent "/docs/taxonomy/events" "See details" _self click NonInteractiveEvent "/docs/taxonomy/reference/events/NonInteractiveEvent" "See details" _self click MediaLoadEvent "/docs/taxonomy/reference/events/MediaLoadEvent" "See details" _self click MediaPauseEvent "/docs/taxonomy/reference/events/MediaPauseEvent" "See details" _self click MediaStartEvent "/docs/taxonomy/reference/events/MediaStartEvent" "See details" _self click MediaStopEvent "/docs/taxonomy/reference/events/MediaStopEvent" "See details" _self

Diagram: MediaEvent inheritance


Inherited Properties

location_stackLocationStackThe LocationStack is an ordered list (a stack) containing a hierarchy of LocationContexts, which deterministically describes where in the UI of an application an Event took place.
global_contextsGlobalContextsGlobalContexts add global/general information about the state in which an Event happened, such as a user's identity and marketing information. They do not carry information related to where the Event originated (location), which instead is captured by the LocationStack.
iduuidUnique identifier for a specific instance of an event.
timeintegerTimestamp indicating when the event was generated.

Validation Rules

setting of properties

The tracker will automatically set all the properties.