Release 0.0.13: New MarketingContext in the open analytics taxonomy

Ivar Pruijn

We released v0.0.13, which adds a MarketingContext to the open analytics taxonomy, enabling analysis of marketing & product performance straight from your notebook.

The new MarketingContext in the open taxonomy

The new MarketingContext in the open taxonomy

How it works

UTM parameters in the URL (e.g. utm_source=a&utm_medium=b&utm_campaign=c) are the de-facto standard for tracking the performance of campaigns. In this release, we've added support for storing & analyzing these UTM parameters.

The Objectiv Collector now automatically stores any UTM parameters from the URL in the newly added MarketingContext.

The Bach modeling library then supports using this new MarketingContext data in analyses, e.g. (first-touch) attribution to see which marketing channels convert or retain best in your site or app.

The details

Check out:

Enjoy analyzing your campaign & product performance!

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