Objectiv Up

Instantly self-host product analytics you control from your Python notebook.
Open-source, models & dashboards included, and ready to scale when you need it.

Get Objectiv Up

docker-compose up -d

That's all you need to spin up self-hosted product analytics with full control over data and models

Objectiv Up is a pre-packaged, dockerized version of Objectiv's powerful open-source analytics platform that can be self-hosted in under five minutes.

All the necessary infrastructure comes ready to go. Pre-built notebooks, models & dashboards are included for common product & marketing use cases, so you can get to work directly.

Up includes pre-built notebooks and dashboards

Open source & free to use

Everything is fully open-source, so you're completely free to customize Objectiv Up and make it your own.

100% first-party data

The included data store runs on your own infra, and you are in full contol of the collected data.

Demo app & data included

Up comes with a demo app & data that enables you to test drive Objectiv out-of-the-box without instrumentation.

What's in the box?

Collector back-end


to collect &
process events

Validator service


to validate events
& instrumentation

Data store

data store

to store all
collected events



for common product
& marketing analyses



to share insights
with your team


Demo app
& data

to try out
Objectiv directly

Simply run docker-compose up -d to spin up all containers, and you're good to go.

Ready for production when you are

Swap in your app

Once you're ready, instrument your app with the Objectiv tracker and swap out the demo app with your own.

As a result of high data consistency, you can reuse the notebooks and dashboards on your own data. They have been battle-tested and are ready to be used in production.

Scale up

Seamless scaling
When you need more scale, you can upgrade seamlessly from the single package to a version with a scalable (Snowplow) pipeline on any data store that you own. The same models & dashboards will run without the need for any migration.

Supported data stores
Objectiv Cloud currently has full support for BigQuery data stores. Amazon Athena and Databricks are coming soon, and more will follow.
Objectiv Up in a package

It's time to get Up!

Getting Objectiv Up is easy and
should take you no longer than five minutes.

Get Objectiv Up

Objectiv Cloud

Want to run Objectiv as a fully managed cloud setup?

Objectiv Cloud - run Objectiv's open-source analytics platform at massive scale without worrying about the Ops part.

Objectiv Cloud

Custom pipeline

Want to set up & run your own custom Objectiv pipeline?

Check out our docs to see how you can set up Objectiv manually or integrate it into a Snowplow pipeline.