Objectiv's Collector provides an API and storage connectors for receiving, validating, and storing Events.

First-party data

The Collector is self-hosted, on your own domain, so no data is ever sent to any third-party.

This first-party data approach has several advantages:

  • You have full control over your data.
  • Tracking is compliant with privacy legislation such as GDPR, CCPA and PECR.
  • Adblockers can be avoided: first-party data tracking is ususally not covered by adblockers.


Currently, the Collector can store Events in:

  • A PostgreSQL database.
  • The file system.

We aim to support more storage solutions in the near future.


Objectiv's Collector validates any incoming Event against the taxonomy and its properties. If it fails, the Collector will respond with an error, and store the Event in the NOK folder on disk.

This means no Event sent to the Collector is ever discarded. This enables you to for instance 'repair' any failing Events and store them after the fact.


The Collector can enhance your Event data when it arrives, called enrichment. An enrichment either updates or populates fields of the Event, or adds Contexts.

Out of the box, the Collector provide a sessions enrichment, by setting a session cookie on the client once it starts receiving Events from it, and then adding a corresponding SessionContext to all Events it receives.