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About us

Team Objectiv is a tight group of dedicated data geeks that has been solving hard analytics problems for over 13 years.

With Distimo, we pioneered app store analytics by building models that predicted app store market trends. We also found ways to reliably extrapolate app usage behavior from datasets that were collected from a panel of users. Distimo was acquired by App Annie, now called Data.ai.

With Objectiv, we're on a big mission. We want to take analytics out of closed, black-boxed SaaS tools and into an open ecosystem. We see a future where models, analyses and tools can all be shared and reused. Where data teams push the boundaries by building on the collective knowledge of others instead of creating everything from scratch.

Why we think we're in the position to fix this

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We care about this space
We know this space well and have grown to care about it after building analytics tools for over a decade. We've experienced its problems first hand and have a personal incentive to fix them.
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We have the right backing
We're backed by Fly VenturesLocalGlobe. They share our vision on the future of analytics and have the right experience & network to help us execute our mission.
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The playbook already exists
Reusing parts of what others have already built is common practise amongst software engineers, enabling them to build quality software much faster. The same can also be applied to data science.

Objectiv's Core Team

Meet the mission crew. Also, we're hiring a Data Scientist. Join us!

Bob Jansen
Hendrik Koekoek
Ivar Pruijn
Kathia Barahona
Michael Niblett
Roald Hacquebord
Surai Di Rosa
Thijs ten Hoeve
Tom Jansen
Vardanush Papikyan
Vincent Hoogsteder