About Objectiv

We're on a big mission. We want to take analytics out of closed black boxes and into an open ecosystem.

We see a future where models, analyses and tools can all be shared and reused. Where data teams push the boundaries by building on the collective knowledge of others, instead of recreating everything from scratch.

The Objectiv team
The Mission CrewThe Objectiv team

Backed by a founding team with deep analytics experience

Vincent Hoogsteder

Vincent Hoogsteder, CEO

Pioneered & built app store analytics as co-founder & CEO at Distimo. Grew Distimo's user base to 350k+ apps. Created the first-in-market analytics product to reliably capture global user behavior within apps from a sample of millions of app users.

Ivar Pruijn

Ivar Pruijn, CPO

Engineer turned product manager. Built developer tooling and analytics at Cloud9 IDE, world's first web-based IDE, acquired by Amazon. Loves to build analytics products that people want to use, with a strong eye for user experience.

Tom Jansen

Tom Jansen, CTO

Co-founded and built the tech/data platform and team of 40 engineers at Distimo, handling real-time analytics & ML over billions of new data points per day. Scaled the tech team to 150 engineers across 3 geos after acquisition by App Annie.


This space

We care about this space
We know the space well and have grown to care about it after building analytics tools for over a decade. We've experienced its problems first-hand and want to fix them.


We have the right backing
We're backed by Fly VenturesLocalGlobe. They share our vision on the future of analytics and have the right experience & network to help us execute our mission.


The playbook already exists
Building on the collective knowledge of others is already common practise amongst many communities of software engineers. The same can also be applied to analytics modeling.

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