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Getting Help

Looking to get help? We have a friendly & helpful Slack community in which our devs play an active role, so if you follow these simple steps, you’re likely to receive help.

1. Try to solve your problem first before asking for help

Check out the existing documentation

We invest heavily in our docs, so this should be the first place you turn to! If you're a new Objectiv user, spend some time completing the Quickstart tutorial to get familiar with Objectiv.

2. Take a few minutes to formulate your question well

Explaining the problems you are facing clearly will help others help you.

Include relevant details in your question

Include exactly what's going wrong! When asking your question, you should:

  • Paste the error message or relevant code inside three backticks (```) in your question, instead of sharing a screenshot.
  • Include the version of Objectiv you're on.
  • Let us know which data store you're using.

Avoid generalizing your code

While we understand that you may wish to generalize your problem, or that you may have sensitive information you wish to anonymize, often replacing references can result in invalid code that creates an error different to the one you're hitting. This makes it harder for us to understand your problem. Wherever possible, share the exact code that you're trying to run.

Let us know what you've already tried

In general, people are much more willing to help when they know you've already given something your best shot!

Share the context of the problem you're trying to solve

Sometimes you might hit a boundary of Objectiv because you're trying to use it in a way that doesn't align with the options we've built into Objectiv. By sharing the context of the problem you're trying to solve, we might be able to share insight into whether there's an alternative way to think about it.

3. Choose the right medium for your question

We use a number of different mediums to share information:

  • If your question is roughly "I've hit this error and am stuck", please ask it in the Troubleshooting channel of our Slack community.
  • If you think you've found a bug, please report it on our GitHub repo.
  • For security issues, please email to avoid publicizing means of exploitation.
  • If you are looking for an opinionated answer (e.g. "What's the best approach to X?", "Why is Y done this way?"), just ask our devs in the Lobby channel of our Slack community.
  • Got a feature request? Please create an issue on our GitHub repo.