A GlobalContext to track the identity of users across sessions, platforms, devices. Multiple can be present. The id field is used to specify the scope of identification e.g. backend, md5(email), supplier_cookie, etc. The value field should contain the unique identifier within that scope.

graph LR AbstractContext["AbstractContext<span class='properties'>id: string<br /></span>"] --> AbstractGlobalContext; AbstractGlobalContext --> IdentityContext["IdentityContext<span class='properties'>value: string<br /></span>"]; class IdentityContext diagramActive click AbstractGlobalContext "/docs/taxonomy/global-contexts" "See details" _self

Diagram: IdentityContext inheritance


valuestringThe unique identifier for this user/group/entity within the scope defined by id.

Inherited Properties

idstringA unique string identifier to be combined with the Context Type (_type) for Context instance uniqueness.
setting of properties

The tracker will automatically set all properties when using the official Plugin. On manual creation, id and value must be provided.