(func, axis=1, numeric_only=False, *args, **kwargs)


Aggregate using one or more operations over the specified axis.


  • func (Union[str, Callable, List[Union[Callable, str]], Dict[str, Union[str, Callable, List[Union[Callable, str]]]]]) – the aggregations to apply on all series. Accepted combinations are:

    • function, e.g. SeriesInt64.sum
    • function name
    • list of functions and/or function names, e.g. [SeriesInt64.sum, β€˜mean’]
    • dict of axis labels -> functions, function names or list of such.
  • axis (int) – the aggregation axis. Only axis=1 supported at the moment.

  • numeric_only (bool) – whether to aggregate numeric series only, or attempt all.

  • args – Positional arguments to pass through to the aggregation function

  • kwargs – Keyword arguments to pass through to the aggregation function


Pandas has numeric_only=None to attempt all columns but ignore failing ones silently. This is currently not implemented.


The axis parameter defaults to 1, because 0 is currently unsupported